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Feeling a bit rusty with your linux skills? Are you a new Ubuntu linux user and feel overwelmed with packaging managers, gpg keys, and IRC lingo? Well, the solution is right around the corner. The folks at New User Network have launched the Ubuntu Classroom, a project aimed at delivering good, live didatic material to all users, new and “seasoned.”

Some classes have already been scheduled for the month of August and there are some open slots for instructors. Though I can assume all classes will be administered in english, I’m sure they wouldn’t oppose the idea of having some slots for classes in other languages. So, if you feel like helping out and need more information (and to view an up to date schedule), check out their page.

Date Time Class Topic Instructor(s)
Aug 5th and 6th TBD Introduction to Internet Relay Chat (IRC) RichJohnson(KDE) KevinGailey(CLI)
Aug 19th and 20th TBD Introduction to Command Line Interface (Terminal) KevinGailey JasonRibeiro
Sep 2nd and 3rd TBD Introduction to Package Compiling & Installing JohnVivirito MarekSpruell
Sep 16th and 17th TBD Package Managers - Graphical & Command Line CoreyBurger RichJohnson(KDE)
Sep 30th and Oct 1st TBD Internet, News, and Messaging Instructor(s) Needed
Oct 14th and 15th TBD E-Mail Clients - Configuration & Use RichJohnson(KDE)
Nov 4th and 5th TBD Multimedia - Audio, Video, Ripping & Burning Instructor(s) Needed
Nov 18th and 19th TBD GPG Encryption Instructor(s) Needed
Dec 2nd and 3rd TBD System Administration 101 Instructor(s) Needed
Dec 16th and 17th TBD The Linux Kernel Instructor(s) Needed
Jan 1st and 2nd TBD Advanced System Administration Instructor(s) Needed


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