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Had a really nice surprise waiting for me today at work in the form of an envelope covered with Brazilian postal stamps.

Brazilian magazine with article about Foresight and Conary

It was a gift from my friend Vladimir Melo, who saw an article written about the package management system Conary, product from the company I work for. There was also another article talking about the GNOME 2.18 release and the fact that it was completely translated to the Brazilian Portuguese language, thanks to the collaborative work of 16 people. Since I was one of them, it was nice to see our work being recognized like this.

Foresight Lead Ken Vandine and me

I immediately gave the magazine to Ken Vandine, my co-worker and leader for the Foresight Linux project. Pretty much all of the GNOME screenshots in the magazine were taken using the Foresight Live CD and he was really looking forward to getting a copy of this issue for his collection.


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