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It is with an enormous pleasure that I come to announce the birth of PhPlanet, the first (if I’m not mistaken) 100% Open Source blog agregator written by a Brazilian for Brazilians! Using the Planet program as source of inspiration, PhPlanet already shows many new features such as:

Web based administration:

  • Add feeds (authors)
  • Approve feeds enrolled for the site
  • Modify authors’ information
  • Add, remove and/or edit Hackergotchis
  • Feeds (RSS and Atom)
  • Archiving of all posts for later retrieval (MySQL)
  • Registration of new feeds
  • Sending of posts via email (optional)…


For a complete list of the all innovations, check the project’s home page and take a look at the live demo page (sure, it is written in portuguese but check out the functionality).

I had the priviledge of taking a peek at the source code and it is a beauty! Congratulations for the excellent work Mário!


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