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Amazing! There’s no other better way to describe the turn around for the translation progress of BillReminder after yesterday’s post/pledge! In less than 24 hours there were 8 new translations available bringing the total of available translations now to 17! Awesome! I want to thank every single person who took the time to lend me a hand!

During the course of merging the new stuff into the repository, I was a bit confused as far as the work flow for people who have their projects hosted on Launchpad but not necessarily host the source codein their bzr servers. I immediately fired an email to the Launchpad mailing list but decided to also post it here for anyone who may be interested in the subject.

My questions were:

  1. If I make a change to the message catalog (*.pot) of my project in its own repository (i.e. not bzr), will the message catalog stored in Rosetta be automatically updated with it once the code is synced?
  2. If the answer for the question above is ‘True’, will then all existing translations be merged against the newer message catalog?

If you know anything about this, please feel free to reply.


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