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My post about the bombing of Nagasaki yesterday seems to have caused quite the stir. As in any of my posts, the text contained within these pages are solely my own thoughts and oppinions. I have received quite a few comments yesterday, most disagreeing with my point of view, a few very personal, but that was expected. After the 30th comment came in this morning, I decided to lock it since I felt it had fulfilled its purpose beyond my expectations.

I was simply amazed that none of the news media I had a chance to check yesterday seemed to have mentioned the tragic date. Worse, none of the people, except for a Russian friend, I talked to remembered it either. Not to be cliché, but history does seem to repeat itself and the fact that people, granted the small “sample” I managed to talk to, didn’t remember the event/date scares me a bit.

Anyhow, to the 29 (out of the 30 who didn’t wish me to die in a slow fire, hehehe) people who took the time to express their (strong) oppinions, thank you. Some were kind enough to consider that I didn’t simply put down my thoughts in a spur of the moment, and considered me to be “an intelligent” person. Well, I do consider myself a rational being and can guarantee you the words put down on my post were mine and nobody else’s. Furthermore, I was “given the benefit of the doubt”, for being an intelligent person, for “failing” to see the true nature of the events.described. The thing is that different people will have different interpretations of things, and well educated people do not necessarily have to agree upon the same points and terms.

I obviously did not set out to offend anyone at any personal level, but the one thing I will do is express my oppinions in this blog… and I do not, by any stretch of imagination, expect people to agree with me. But what I do urge is that my readers will respect it!


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