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Tonight during our TriLUG meeting, Ken packaged Vinagre for the first time using Conary, the distributed software management system for Linux distributions. It took him literally no more than 5 minutes to write up the recipe, cook (package) it, and send it to the repository.


Vinagre is a VNC client well integrated with GNOME , current being developed by Jonh Wendell. For those curious as to what the recipe for packaging it was, take a look:

`` loadRecipe('gnomepackage.recipe') class Vinagre(GnomePackageRecipe):``

name = 'vinagre'
version = '0.3'

buildRequires = ['GConf:devel', 'ORBit2:devel', 'desktop-file-utils:runtime', 'gnutls:devel', 'gtk-vnc:devel', 'libglade:devel']

Then it is a matter of executing:

`` cvc cook vinagre.recipe && cvc commit && cvc cook vinagre``

If Jonh releases a new version tomorrow, say 0.4, all we have to do is edit the file vinagre.recipe and change the 3 for a 4 and execute the commands above. It doesn t get any easier than this!


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