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Today I fixed issue 1864094Time widget for individual alarms are too long”. I ended up creating a brand new widget with gtk.SpinButtons instead of gtk.ComboBoxes, since we determined that it would be useful for a different dialog. This took me a bit longer than I expected because I insisted that the hours should be zero padded (i.e. display 01, 02 and not 1, 2, etc). After spending some time on this I finally gave him and asked Johan Dahlin if it was possible, to which I received a negative answer. I proceeded to code my widget only to receive the news several minutes later that a patch had already been created and is now awaiting for someone to review. Is this awesome or what?

New Time widget

I have also merged all the code being done in the 0.3 branch back into trunk. So if you’re looking for the latest stuff:

svn co ` <>`__ billreminder

Luiz today merged some code that should take care of localized currency, so please test it!

About the upcoming Foresight Summit, there’s now a sign up page.


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