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First off I need to thank you all who contacted me, either directly or via this blog, with your kind words of encouragement and advice!  I really mean it!

Through all the confusion and difficulties my family and I have undergone these last 2 weeks, I’m happy to announce that a little bit of light has crept through the darkness of the tunnel.  Yesterday I was interviewed for a programmer position within a company not too far from where I live.  For good or bad, everyone I spoke to had already gotten a glimpse of my online persona through my blog, and the entire interview was a series of very friendly and exciting conversations about open source, linux, apache, php, subversion, etc, etc.  I want to believe that it went well for I have been invited for a follow-up interview some time next week.  The opportunity has great potential for my career as I’m trying to do more open source related work!

Then today, as I return home from my daughter’s school, I receive another interview invitation, this time around at the Cell and Molecular Biology department at Duke University!!!  This is very exciting news for I feel like I’d be a good fit for the position as I hold a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from Pace University.  So I’ll be around the Duke West Campus this September 13th and I guess at the TriLug's meeting on the 14th, to be held at RedHat HQ map and directions

For the first time in the last 2 weeks, I just may be able to sleep in peace tonight.


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