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Been quite busy at work these days, as well as playing the host to my parents during the holidays. I did keep up with what was happening around the world, thanks to my G1 (I love this gadget!), and wanted to share a few nice nuggets.

  • First of all, the birth of Lotte, the online translation editor! This new feature will help the Transifex guys deliver a fatal 1,2 punch combination in the fight against bad translation tools and processes!


  • As if Dimitris and his crew didn’t have enough on their plate (I tell you, they have macchiato running through their veins), a new fledgling web portal portal for translators is in the makings. Think of a place where translators can offers their skills to projects in need of translators and you can see where this could lead.
  • Still speaking of translations, hanging out on #transifex on Freenode I picked up that the Mercurial guys really like Transifex and what it has to offer their current legion of translators! Sounds like some experimenting may take place soon between these 2 projects (I’ll keep my fingers crossed!).
  • On a different subject, I have started working on a Snowy Appliance yesterday and will have something done and consumable by this weekend. Don’t know what snowy is? Then check Paul Cutler's blog post and the links within it. Want to lend me a hand? Ping me on IRC, email, comment here, Twitter, etc, etc.
  • I’m running this year for the GNOME Board of Directors! Take a look at the list of candidates and if you’re a GNOME Foundation member, remember to vote! If you’re not a member, what are you waiting for?
  • My 35th birthday is fast approaching (June 8th actually) and I will be updating my wishlist juuuuust in case someone feels like surprising me, hint hint


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