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Yesterday I completed my first year of work at this NYC departmental agency… That’s 365 days of 2-3 hours commute… approximately $11 parking, $10.50 tolls daily… 365 days having to buy this watered down, taste-like-piss liquid they insist in calling coffee… 365 days of being constantly reminded (directly and indirectly) that I don’t belong here and am “just a consultant” with no rights or say in anything… and worse of all, 365 days of getting home very tired and not being able to enjoy the few hours I have (from around 7pm to 10pm) with my young daughter and wife!

A big thanks goes to all those assholes who chose to elect our current president for yet another 4-years term! I wonder if you are all enjoying listening to the daily reports of our troops dying in a foreign land for a stupid war over oil… or if you admired how promptly our government came to the rescue of all the folks down in New Orleans… or if they feel good in seeing our economy going down the gutter…

An they call America a “first world country.”


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